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TV, film and events in over 100.000 m²
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This is where German commercial TV is made. We have everything ready for you: 13 studios of 180-1.760 m², event locations including a villa, glasshouse and an open-air stage for an audience of up to 10.000. Customised technology and personal support are included.

The countdown has begun… 20 years of the RTL telethon

The countdown has begun… 20 years of the RTL telethon

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Alarm für Cobra 11

Over 500 guests attented the premiere of the pilot „Vendetta“ in Studio 20 ....
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Ich und Kaminski

Aktuell in den Kinos - gedreht in den Studios 2 und 4 bei uns in Hürth ...

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Your Song 2015

We congratulate Victoria on her winning song „Maniac“, which she performed with her mentor Mark Forster to thunderous applause from the audience, bringing all 820 studio guests to their feet.
The 7th final show of „Your Song“ was broadcast lived from Studio 1 at Medienparks NRW in March.

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Everything runs smoothly because it’s all prepared for you

Studios with direct access, heated pre-construction areas and production offices alongside


5000 m² storage space available for long periods and bulky structures


975 m² workshops, with carpenter’s worshop, paint shop and assembly hall


25.000 m² office space alongside the production locations


Everything you need: lighting, camera, sound, direction

You worry about the content, we’ll do the rest

Whatever you need to realise your ideas – space, technology or staff – we’ll look after it